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Falcon Eyes Flexibel RGB LED Paneel RX-848 60x120cm

The RX-848 from Falcon Eyes is a flexible LED panel with many light options. In addition to cold and warm light, the RX-848 also offers the complete RGB spectrum. For all colors, you can count on the highest quality light, with a CRI value of 95. 576 LEDs provide a total power of 300W. The color temperature varies from 2700K to 9999K. Besides control with the buttons on the back, you can also control the RX-848 with DMX. The dimensions are 120 x 60 cm.

Because of the varities in color temperature there are different Lux values: 

Lux values 5600K W/RGB 5600K 2700K
0,5m 15000 13400 13100
1m 5670 5110 5020
2m 1830 1630 1610

Flexibility RX-848

Thanks to the flexible design, you can bend the RX-848 in any angle and direction. It is even possible to roll up the RX-848 as a tube. Attaching the RX-848 to a tripod is possible thanks to the supplied X-rod. On the back you can find Velcro for attachment on many surfaces.

Usage RX-848

The RX-848 is perfect for any creative photographer or cameraman. The lighting possibilities are endless. Adjust the color temperature based on the ambient light or create a colored glow for extra atmosphere. Because the RX-848 is only 10 mm thick and weighs only a few hundred grams, you can take it everywhere. The supplied case provides safe protection. You will receive a cable to connect the RX-848 to a power outlet. Optional V-mount batteries are also available, which you can find with the optional accessories.

Unique features:

  • CRI value of 95
  • Splash proof
  • 2700K - 9999K
  • Beam Angle 10-360 degrees
  • 300W
  • 576 LEDs

Smartphone app RX-848

With the special smartphone app for iPhone en Android you can connect to the RX-848 via Bluetooth 5.0. The intuitive interface makes it possible to control all modes and settings of the RX-848.