UPDATE : Invoices online

As of today, the already announced new invoice layout is live. The layout has the same style as that of the packing slip (Despatch Advice), is more legible and clearer. Also as of today, all invoices from the current financial year and that of the previous financial year can be found on the webshop. Hover your mouse over your name and click on "Invoices".

Note: some users are not (yet) authorized to visit this page, inform info@europafoto.nl if the settings need to be adjusted per user.

Find, view and directly pay invoices

On the invoices page, you can view all invoices and credit notes and pay directly. You can tick which invoices you want to pay and which credit notes you want to settle immediately. We request all members to pay the invoices in particular via this route because you no longer need to send a payment specification because everything is automatically matched immediately.

Search function

On this invoices page, you will find a search function, here you can enter the invoice number, or the barcode of a product, or the article number, or even a part of the text/description and you will immediately find all invoices containing these search terms, just try it out.



UPDATE : From order costs to shipping costs

From today onwards Info/Europa-Foto will no longer look at the order value, but merely at the shipping value. This is not only fairer, but it also has many benefits!

No order costs

This means that from today onwards you can place an order, regardless of the order value. You don't have to wait until you reach a certain value.

Shipping costs

At 1 PM we will look at the total value of available products. When this value is higher than € 500,- excl. VAT the products will be shipped carriage paid. Orders will be combined to one shipment, regardless of the value of the individual orders. In case the total value is lower than € 500,- you will receive an e-mail with a full explanation and all the available items. You can then decide whether you want to order some more products before 2.30 PM or than you want to accept the shipping charge. On the webshop, you will find a button Pending on the Open order page, where you can also manage this shipment the way you see fit.

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The temporary arrangement has ended

The temporary arrangement of a minimum order value of € 250,- excl. VAT has hereby ended as well since there is no minimum order value at all, just minimum shipping value.