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Matin Tafelstatief w/ Smartphone Adapter M-14035

Matin Tafelstatief met Smartphone Adapter M-14035

The Matin M-14035 set consists of a robust table stand with separate smartphone adapter. This makes the M-14035 suitable for (DSLR) cameras, camcorders and smartphones. Thanks to the maximum 9 cm width, almost all smartphones are suitable, such as the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8+. The solid clamp ensures that your smartphone is securely in place. The rubber ends provide more grip and prevent damage. The ring around the 1/4" screw thread is also provided with a rubber coating to optimally protect your (DSLR) camera or camcorder.

High quality M-14035

When you take the M-14035 out of the package, it becomes clear that this is a very durable and professional table top. The metal ball head has a rough profile, which makes it possible to firmly fix the head into any position. The legs have a coating, which prevent the tripod from accidentally shifting.

Usage M-14035

Are you a creative photographer or do you like to produce a vlog? Then the M-14035 is a great accessory for you. On vacation, you never have to ask anyone to take a picture of your family: thanks to the tripod, you simply place your camera or smartphone on a table or wall. Also when shooting a vlog, the M-14035 is really handy. The tripod is easy to move, and the angle of the ball head can be adjusted quickly. You’re always positioned perfectly in the shot. The height is also adjustable: just change the angle of the legs, to set the height between 13.3 and 17.5 cm. This height is measured from the ground to the screw thread, without the smartphone adapter attached. On the front of the smartphone adapter is an extra 1/4 inch screw thread, for example to attach an LED lamp or external microphone. For this you can use a Magic Arm, which you’ll find at the optional accessories.


1x MS220 table tripod; 1x CR3 Smartphone adapter; 1x Packaging