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Category: Smartphone
Master carton quantity: 20
Package size length: 7.00cm
Package size width: 17.00cm
Package size height: 23.50cm
Gross weight: 640g
HS-Code: 8518 10 00
Intrastat: 85181000

Boya BY-VG330 Vlogging Kit w/ BY-MM1 And Smartphone Holder

Boya's BY-VG330 is a video kit for every smartphone and includes the Boya BY-MM1 shotgun microphone, a mini table stand and a smartphone holder. Do you find those jerky images and that bad sound so annoying during online meetings? With the Boya BY-VG330, this is a thing of the past!

Boya BY-MM1 microphone

The microphone you receive with this set is the compact shotgun microphone: Boya BY-MM1. It is specially designed to improve the sound quality of videos compared to microphones built into your smartphone. The BY-MM1 works without a battery, so you never have to worry about battery status. Simply connect the microphone to your smartphone using the 3.5mm jackplug. Your cell phone then provides phantom power so you can use the Boya BY-MM1. The microphone comes with a shock mount (to reduce unwanted vibrations) and a wind hood (to minimize wind noise and noise). This makes the set also suitable for outdoor use.

How do I put my smartphone in position?

To securely fix your smartphone, an adjustable table stand is included. This tripod includes a smartphone clamp, in which you can secure your cell phone and position it perfectly for you. If you want to position your smartphone in a higher position, you can use the extension tube to extend the table stand as it were. With the headset you can adjust the angle. At the top of the clamp there is a threaded connector, to which you attach the BY-MM1 microphone.

Application Boya BY-VG330 Video Set

This set is ideal for use in videoconferencing, online meetings and chat sessions. So the BY-VG330 lends itself well as a 'work from home' set, but is also very valuable for e.g. vloggers, YouTubers and podcasts. The set is universal, so suitable for all types of smartphones (both iOS and Android). With this set you will make sure that during this session you are well audible and clearly visible in the picture.

Important note: The BY-VG330 comes with a three-year warranty through this sales channel only (after registration via the special warranty card included in the package).