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Falcon Eyes LED Lamp Dimmable DSL-200T On 230V

The DSL-200T from Falcon Eyes is a powerful LED lamp which produces daylight in very high quality. You operate the DSL-200T by using the control panel or wirelessly via the free Falcon Eyes app. The light has a color temperature of 5600K and is therefore suitable for almost all photo and video productions. A powerful power LED of no less than 200 watts ensures a high light output: at one meter you can count on a light output of 25,000. The light's brightness is continuously adjustable from 1 to 100%.

Video productions with the DSL-200T

For video productions you can count on flicker free light. The DSL-200T has a built-in fan, which is very quiet, so you have almost no background noise. This is 37dB at half a meter.

Operation DSL-200T

You operate the DSL-200T with the buttons on the housing or via the app for iPhone and Android. On the built-in display of the DSL-200T you can easily set the right mode and see the current temperature of the lamp. You can also choose to use the app, which allows you to control the lamp from a distance of up to 20 meters. In addition to setting the brightness, a number of theme modes can be chosen. The following simulations are available:

  • Lightning 1
  • Lightning 2
  • TV
  • Candle
  • Reporter
  • Standard Strobe
  • Fast strobe
  • Switching bright/dim light
  • Heartbeat

Application DSL-200T

When you want to make portrait photos or video recordings in your studio or other indoor location with daylight, the DSL-200T is a powerful and universal tool which always comes in handy. On the Linkstar/Bowens mount you screw the supplied reflector. Optionally, you can further direct the light with a softbox or beauty dish. You can find some examples of this in the optional accessories. Thanks to the CRI value of 98.9 the light is very stable. In situations where you want to capture the colors of the subject as true to life as possible, the DSL-200T is able to achieve the best results. If you also want to work in outdoor locations without a power outlet, a separate generator is available. This can be found among the optional accessories.