#SKU: 296975
BARCODE: 8718127005977
Category: Crane | Dolly
Master carton quantity: 12
Package size length: 22.00cm
Package size width: 22.50cm
Package size height: 10.80cm
Gross weight: 966g
HS-Code: 9006 69 00
Intrastat: 90066900

Falcon Eyes Buisklem + Veerklem NCLG-30 + CL-35 57.5cm

The Falcon Eyes NCLG-30 + CL-35 Tube Clamp and Suspended Clamp consists of a bendable arm equipped with a large spring clamp on one end and a table clamp on the other end. The NCLG-30 + CL-35 is an essential tool for in your studio as it can be used for many purposes. For example, the NCLG-30 + CL-35 can be used to hold a reflector, a LED lamp or a speedlite, in a certain position.

The NCLG-30 + CL-35 is made of metal and has a total length of 71cm. The bendable arm has a length of 57.7 cm and a diameter of 1.5cm and the spring clamp has a width of 7.6cm. The clamp has a rubber coating to prevent damage and slipping and can be clamped to a tube, table or board up to 4cm thick. Further, the tube clamp is suitable for tubes up to 3.5cm thick and has a rubber coating to prevent damage and slipping.