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Falcon Eyes Radio Trigger Set RF-DD2.4 op AAA-Batterij

The Falcon Eyes wireless trigger set RF-DD2.4 is an ideal and affordable way to have wireless control over your studio flash unit. You put the receiver in the synchronization input of the studio flash unit. Shove the transmitter on the SLR camera and the set is ready for use.

Application RF-DD2.4

The wireless control goes through a 2.4GHz radio frequency between transmitter and receiver, so as a photographer you have 100% freedom of space(the signal goes 360 degrees). The set has 16 adjustable channels for the wireless signal. The maximum wireless range is 100 meters. By means of the 3.5 mm Jack plug adapter the receiver can also be connected to a flash with a 3.5 mm synchronization input. The receiver works on two AAA batteries (not included), these are easily replaced with the sliding cap on top of the receiver. The button cell battery in the transmitter is also easy to replace.

On top of the transmitter is a hotshoe connection, on which various other accessories (eg an external flash) can be placed. This hotshoe connection on top of the transmitter does not transmit a TTL signal. In addition, the transmitter has a 2.5mm synchronization cable input, allowing the RF-DD2.4 to be connected to cameras without hotshoe but with an x-contact connection by means of a synchronization cable (see "Optional accessories").

Successor RF-DD4

The RF-DD2.4 is successor to the RF-DD4 and operates on a 2.4GHz frequency, instead of 433MHz. This is therefore not compatible with the old RF-DD4 version, this applies to both the transmitter and the receiver.

Attention: The RF-DD2.4 works on all SLRs, however with Sony ⁄ Minolta cameras you need the HS-25Sa hotsoe adapter. You can use the Travor HC-511 adapter for the new Sony MI hot shoe. Both adapters can be found with the optional accessories. The RF-DD4 does not work in combination with the Canon EOS 80D.

This triggerset is not compatible with:


1x Hotshoe Transmitter; 1x Receiver with 6,3 mm Jack plug; 1x 3,5 mm Jack plug Adapter; 1x Full color packaging