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Falcon Eyes 5600K LED Spot Lamp Dimmable CLL-7500R On 230V

The Falcon Eyes CLL-7500DR (750W) Dimmable 5600K LED Spot Lamp is an ideal spotlight for stage performances and is also suitable for videographers wishing to use LED continuous lighting. The lamp is dimmable and is equipped with adjustable focus and a DMX512 function. The CLL-7500DR is equipped with an aluminum housing making it suitable for use in various situations and conditions.

The CLL-7500DR is equipped with a Fresnel lens causing the causing the edges of the light beam to gradually darken. The beam angle is adjustable between 20 and 60 degrees.

Special features Fresnel lamps

Due to the special fresnel lens and adjustable beam, Falcon Eyes Fresnel lamps are often used in locations where a large amount of light is needed. These include theatres, TV studios and film locations. Normally the range of LED light is limited, but with Fresnel lamps it is possible to illuminate the subject at a greater distance. Moreover, the fresnel lamps of Falcon Eyes are much less warm than traditional spotlights.