It is the year 1964, spring just started and "I Want To Hold Your Hand" from The Beatles was playing on the radio non-stop. In this decade the interest in photography was growing rapidly. A few photo/video dealers started to jointly organize the purchase of their equipment and films and Info/Europa-Foto was born.

Today Info/Europa-Foto is the most automated and most modern purchasing association for photo/video related products in Europe. She provides the 'photo retail' with excellent services in logistics, finance and data. As a cooperative purchasing association, it supplies more than 75,000 different products, consisting of more than 500 different photo/video brands - from its own warehouse. Located in Hoogeveen, it serves more than 350 photo/video dealers in Western Europe.

Thanks to a high level of automation, intelligent logistics processes and optimized algorithms, Info/Europa-Foto is able to ship more than a million products every year throughout Western Europe at very low overhead costs - these low costs naturally translate into low prices for the products. But the fully automatic article maintenance, in which the information provision of the photo/video dealers is central, is certainly no less impressive. Several suppliers are linked via the Info/Europa-Foto webshop, which means that the information provided exceeds the physical stock in Hoogeveen, the vast majority of all products has stated an exact delivery time at any given time, which makes a sales conversation with an end-user so easy. Not yet a member but interested? Mail us now

              • > 75.000 SKU's
              • > 500 brands
              • > 50 suppliers
              • fast delivery
              • best prices
              • dropshipment
              • same-day-delivery
              • datafeeds